I’ll answer that, Illeist version of me. :) 

I’m a tireless explorer of the digital world, frequent purveyor of social media secrets and also, coincidentally, a digital marketing consultant.

My Story

At first I wanted to be an Economist and went to Forman Christian College in Lahore, Pakistan to pursue my Bachelor’s degree. In the second year of my studies, I met a guy who was really into digital marketing. One day, he explained how companies of all sizes as well as individuals were trying to gain exposure via digital platforms, but didn’t have a refined strategy in place. That was the light bulb moment of my career, and baby steps to success followed. 

What intrigued me was that he was providing consultancy to one of such companies, helping them with Facebook marketing. The thing that made the company pursue this guy was his expert knowledge on FB advertising, page management, design optimization, engagement, etc. In short, he knew much more than any of the staff working inside the company. His point of contact was really impressed by his expertise, and so was I. 

After that incident, I started exploring the world of digital marketing. The turn of events led me to seek knowledge of the digital world, and I was fortunate enough to land some rewarding work from international companies. One thing lead to another; after graduating in 2012 and gaining 2 years of practical experience of the digital marketing field, I went to Geneva, Switzerland to pursue my MBA degree in Digital Marketing. I’m a fresh Swiss graduate (September 2016) now, and I’m back in Pakistan to be a part of the local digital landscape.


I’ve been in the digital marketing field since 2012. My areas of expertise include seo copywriting, social media marketing, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, pay-per-click strategy, and media buys.

My job is to recommend you the right digital strategy for your business, explain you how Instagram advertising works, and do everything humanly possible to improve your digital footprint. My personal touch ensures your presence on the web is eye-catching. Regardless of your business being in Lahore, Karachi,Sialkot, Faisalabad, Quetta, Rawalpindi or Islamabad, my aim is to bring across your identity in front of your customers in the most creative manner.

Check out the services I and my team offer to get more of an idea of how I can be useful. My door is open to:

  • Startups
  • SMBs
  • Large Corporations
  • Individuals (Entrepreneurs, Novices, Anyone)

And hey, even if you have the creativity, knowledge and discipline to build an enticing digital presence without needing expert help, I still encourage you to visit this website. I promise you’ll learn something new, especially if you go through my YouTube channel.

Note: My business is registered by the name AQ Digital in Lahore, Pakistan. More information is available on the Contact Me page.


In my free time, I enjoy dancing, traveling and being outdoors. Exciting adventures manage to take me off the computer, but Instagram being mobile (fortunately and unfortunately) enables me to keep learning new things.



Shaikh Waleed Qayum is a graduate of Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

He enjoys making boring social media accounts aesthetically appealing. But he takes the task of optimizing accounts as a side hustle. What he really loves doing is diving deep into the world of social media and exploring the secrets that only a few know.


Sheikh Ali Mansoor is a graduate of Pace University, New York, USA.

He specializes in graphic design and optimizing the search engine presence of businesses. He loves to constantly learn new things design-related and hold extreme attention to detail, even if it’s doodles and drawings.