Here’s How to Create a Centered Instagram Bio

Being successful on Instagram is a long game … still you can have quick wins courtesy of a few tweaks.

One of those tweaks is related to your Instagram bio.

Take a good look at your bio. Does it do anything to keep you fresh and interested?

If it doesn’t … it’s boring. That’s no fun for anyone checking out your Instagram profile.

So what can you do to ensure that your Instagram bio makes a good impression and that too within a few seconds?

There are several things you can do (add emojis for instance), but try this because you’ve never likely done this before.

Center your Instagram bio.

It’s rare to come across Pakistani Instagrammers who’re using centered Instagram bios.

Therefore, it’s an opportunity for you to experiment and see if a centered bio helps your profile gain traction.

I personally think a centered bio offers a unique appeal and separates important details that your profile visitors find easy to grasp.

The Required Steps to Center Instagram Bios

Instagram doesn’t guide users on how to center their Instagram bios, but the process is actually really simple. Implement these steps to center your bio.

1. Open your Instagram profile and choose the “edit your bio” option.

2. To center the bio, you need to create spaces. This can’t be done by hitting the “spacebar” on your desktop or the “enter” key on your smartphone. Instead, you need to copy and paste spaces to center your bio. Copy the empty white space between the stars (*) below (make sure to copy the empty space between, not the symbol * itself.


3. Paste the copied space before the text and elements you want to appear centered in your Instagram bio. If you fail at perfectly centering your bio in the first attempt, you can always delete or add some spaces till you get it right.

Note that an Instagram bio can be 160 characters maximum, so you may have to remove some elements to center it perfectly.

Here’s what centered bio looks like.

Guide To Center Instagram Bios

Just remember to copy the space and adjust it to your liking.

Over to You

What do you think of centered bios? Have you seen any Pakistani Instagrammer with a centered bio? I’d love to hear from you.

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