Facebook Messenger Ads Now Available In Pakistan

Hey you! Don’t be surprised if you see an ad pop up in the midst of your chat on the Facebook Messenger app.

That’s because Facebook now allows advertisers all over the globe to purchase ad slots inside the app.

The ads won’t display in conversations, but will appear on the app’s home screen.

When you tap on an advert inside Facebook Messenger, you will be redirected to the site of the advertiser.

It’s basically like the News Feed ad units that you can create using the “Traffic” objective, with the difference that they’re displayed in Messenger.

Facebook claims that seeing ads inside the app could encourage users to begin conversations about a brand with their peers.

So if you see an ad of Khaadi’s or Outfitters’ new line of products, you could be tempted to talk about it with your friends on Messenger.

Here's how a Messenger ad will appear:


Advertisers can buy Instagram, News Feed and Messenger ads from the standard Facebook Ads Manager dashboard.

This extends ad targeting on Messenger, which already accommodates Sponsored messages and ads from businesses.

The previously introduced functionality is like LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail feature, where you’re able to send personalized messages to a targeted audience.

The move comes after initial tests in Thailand and Australia in January, and is an important step in Facebook’s plan to monetize audiences across its segregated and diverse platforms, which include Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and the main Facebook platform.

Out of the four, only WhatsApp doesn’t offer advertising at the moment.

How Facebook users in Pakistan react to Messenger ads remains to be seen.

They’ll be able to hide specific ads temporarily, but won’t be able to stop them entirely.

I’m excited to see how Messenger ads play out. Are you?

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