Hands-Free Recording & Stickers for Instagram Stories Launched In Pakistan

What’s up Snapchat? I see you sweating!

That’s because Instagram has updated its Stories feature with a “hands-free” recording option. This enables Pakistani Instagrammers to start recording a video with just a tap of a button.

Now you can play that tune on your guitar and create an Instagram Stories without any hassle.

It’s a strong tackle to Snapchat; Instagram's top rival still makes users tap and hold the record button while they make clips to share with their peers. 

The new addition also allows you to add more text to your videos or photos by using one of the multiple text buttons that appear.

In addition, a slider will enable you to adjust the size of the text, as well as text wrap automatically so that it doesn’t go over the screen’s sides.

Also, if you are using an iPhone, you can save your entire story from the last 24 hours as a video.

hands-free video Instagram Pakistan

But what has got me excited is the launch of Instagram Stickers.

An answer to Snapchat geofilters, Instagram Stickers enable you to spice up your videos and photos with stickers that showcase time, weather, emoji, location names, and more. Seasonable graphics related to Christmas and other holidays are also offered.

You can see all the available stickers from the new button that is accessible from the top right corner when you edit a story. The panel for stickers is a scrollable list of all the emojis on your device as well as the stickers created by Instagram.

Note: At this time of writing, stickers can only be added to Instagram Stories, not to normal Instagram posts.

Instagram hasn’t revealed whether or not in the future it will monetize this offering through sponsored sticker ads or enable Instagrammers to submit their own variants of stickers.

But one thing is for sure, users will get even more versatile options in 2017.

Here’s an example of the new stickers in action. The second button beside the volume button is where you can access stickers from.

Instagram stickers for Pakistani Instagrammers

Nice, isn’t it?

Enjoy these two new features. They’re available in Pakistan.

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