Instagram Live Stories, Now Accessible In Pakistan

Since the announcement of Instagram Live in November, the company has been rolling out the live streaming service gradually to Instagrammers in different parts of the globe. It allows Instagrammers to share the footage of their moments in real-time, from live concerts to in-the-moment makeup tutorials.

And, you would be glad to know that Instagram Live is now available in Pakistan.

You can access the feature by swiping right from your Instagram feed and selecting “Start Live Video” in the camera. Alternatively, you can click the “Your Story” circle at the top left in the home feed section of Instagram.

Instagram Live Pakistan

Note that before going live, Instagram is going to check your internet connection and conduct a countdown of 3-seconds. So, if you’re not prepared on the whole, you will have some seconds to get your act together before you go live.

With Instagram Live, you can:

  • Do A Question / Answer Session
  • Take Followers Behind-The-Scenes
  • Broadcast Experiences Of Live Events
  • Share Interviews
  • Broadcast Live Tutorials
  • And More

What’s different about Instagram Live Stories is that the live story will disappear from the app as soon as you’re done with your video.

Additionally, users will be able to see “Top Live” in the Explore section if they want to view some of the trending videos made by Instagrammers out there.

Also, you can hide the real-time video from certain followers, if you need to. This is possible by changing the story settings from the Profile section. You’ll have to choose “Hide Story From” and specify the profiles you don’t want your live story to be visible to.

Moreover, you can control the comments you receive on your Live video. Because some comments might not be appropriate, you can choose to block comments with certain phrases or words. This can be done by clicking on Profile > Comments.

So Pakistani Instagrammers, are you ready to embrace Instagram Live?

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