Instagram Multiple Photos / Carousel Feature Is Now Available In Pakistan

Instagram has been on fire this year when it comes to releasing new features.

Pakistani Instagrammers received the Live Stories feature just recently, and now there’s another one out to experiment with.

I’m talking about the latest multiple photos / carousel feature.

You and I both know that sometimes you need more than one image to tell a story. With the carousel feature, you can add up to 10 images & videos inside one post.

Using Instagram Multi-Image Feature 

What you’ll basically create is a slideshow / carousel of different images that people can swipe through, be it a step-by-step guide or a scavenger hunt.

To access the multi-image feature, try creating a post on Instagram. A cascading icon in the shape of a square will then appear at the bottom right. Tap it to upload additional images or videos in the same post.

You can even add Hyperlapse or Boomerang clips if they’re saved in the Photo Library. In addition, you can change the order of any image by tapping it and holding on to drag it around.

Moreover, you can apply the same filter on all images, or apply different ones on each. But there’s no option to apply separate location tags and captions on each image inside the carousel at the moment. However, it’s possible to tag people in each image and video.

After you publish a carousel post, your followers will spot multiple images / videos because blue dots will appear at the bottom of the content. They can tap it, and then swipe right or left to see through the slideshow.

Check out how Hina Altaf did it:

Instagram multi-photo feature Pakistan

Instagram multi-photo feature Pakistan

You can see the floating square on her multiple photos post, as well as the 3 dots at the bottom in the second screenshot.

Final Thoughts

This multi-image / carousel technology was already available for sponsored Instagram posts that only business users could create. Now normal users, too, can utilize it for their Instagram feed.

Let’s see how creative Instagrammers in Pakistan can get with this feature. :)

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