Mannequin Challenge by TNS Beaconhouse – The Lil Ones Shine

2016’s “Harlem Shake” – the Mannequin Challenge – has seen several groups in Pakistan action posing for a video, frozen.

Most of those groups consisted of adults, but the Mannequin Challenge at TNS Beaconhouse Lahore (made possible by my team) is the first to feature only kids.

Kids, like adults, equally good at the Mannequin Challenge.

Here’s the video of the young ones in statue mode doing creative poses at a section inside the school called "Jungle Gym".

TNS Beaconhouse is the first in the schooling sector to perform the mannequin challenge.

I pitched the idea to team just a few days after the mannequin challenge surfaced online. If they had made the decision to execute it early, TNS Beaconhouse would have been the first in Pakistan to take on this challenge.

But as the saying goes, better late than never. :)

I and my team powered this mannequin challenge after Beaconhouse TNS agreed to our pitch.

Credit goes to the school’s staff and the young participants who made it top notch.

Their faces were brimming with excitement when they heard they’re going to take on this viral trend.

What’s intriguing is that they weren’t prepared beforehand. 

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