Mannequin Challenge – Let’s Do This Pakistan

If you’ve seen your co-workers or colleagues pretend like they’re statues inside a museum lately, don’t be alarmed.

They’re attempting the mannequin challenge.

It’s the new viral craze that has taken Instagram feeds by storm. All you gotta do is stay still in the position you are in.

The mannequin challenge has been attempted by many (celebrities, sports persons, politicians, etc.) around the world, but Pakistan is yet to jump the bandwagon with full throttle. 

What the Mannequin Challenge Looks Like

The effect is like being a part of a still movie. Employees holding real-time facial expressions during the middle of a conversation, college-goers pausing a dance move while rehearsing for an upcoming play, and relatives of a bride freezing while doing funny poses at a wedding event.

It’s probably easy to just stand still, but you won’t get any praise on social media without inserting some elbow grease into your motionless efforts. It’s a fun thing to do, but unlike the Ice Bucket Challenge, there’s no connection with an affiliated charity.

I’ve rounded up a few videos you can take inspiration from while attempting the mannequin challenge. Of course, I urge you to be original and creative. 

Here’s a workout-based mannequin challenge:

Kevin Hart never fails to disappoint. His face expressions are hilarious. Other celebrities like Kelly Rowland and Beyonce have also done the this challenge. Will Pakistani celebrities hop the mannequin train? Time will tell.

Even the cast of “Dancing With the Stars” joined in on the fun.

Dancing With The Stars #mannequinchallenge #dwts @dancingabc

A video posted by Valentin (@iamvalc) on

The video features pros, cameramen, contestants and others participating. Later, they broke out from the still motion and burned the dance floor.

And this is what happened at the White House:

The Cleveland Cavaliers, NBA champions of 2016, were honored in the White House. They attempted the Mannequin challenge during their presence. Michelle Obama did a selfie with James, while others stayed still in different positions skillfully. 

You Can Win Something

While there’s no prize involved officially, I’ve decided to give away a surprise gift to the head of the team that does the best mannequin challenge in Pakistan.

You just have to use the following hashtags #mannequinchallenge #pakistan #aqdigital when you upload your video to Instagram or any other social media platform. Here's a graphic that simplifies the explanation. 

Mannequin Challenge Pakistan

Apart from giving away a surprise gift, I’ll also spread your video on Instagram so that it gets more views. In addition, you can contact me if you want assistance in production. I'll be on the lookout for the videos you make.

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