PhotoScan: Share Your Classic Print Photos on Instagram [Video]

Like most of you, I have a plethora of printed photos of my childhood and teen years.

Featuring my family members, some bad haircuts, even the high school crush (oops).

And they make me cherish all the good memories.

But how do we celebrate the times and folks who have enriched our lives?

One way is by creating “digital snaps” of those printed photos with your smartphone or digital camera and sharing them on Instagram.

But you rarely get decent snaps. In fact, printed photos taken with your mobile camera often have a glare from the light streaked overhead across the photo.

Also, the result is not aligned properly in most instances. And, without cropping, the photo may even show the surface it was placed on in its digital version.

Want to save yourself from these nuisances?

Download PhotoScan…and I promise you won’t look back.

PhotoScan for Instagrammers

PhotoScan is an app by Google that allows you to produce glare-free digital copies of your old pictures without needing a real scanner.

The app comes with a friendly interface that enables quick image detection and edits.

To put an old photo to good use, open PhotoScan on your iPhone or Android phone and fit the image in the frame that shows up. 4 white dots will then appear on the corners of the photo being scanned.

Move the phone towards the dots; they’re going to turn blue when scanned. After all 4 dots turn blue, the app will process and save your photo.

PhotoScan is programmed to remove glare and other imperfections to deliver a high quality result. It also features advance enhancement and editing tools like saturation adjustments and exposure.

Google also revealed that the app has 12 “styles” that can be used to enhance photos further. The filters rely on machine intelligence to adjust saturation, warmth, sharpness or brightness.

Here’s a video I made showing the app in action.

Not only will you be able to share your memories, but also keep them safe as the printed versions are prone to wear and tear.

Over to You

As you see in the video, the clarity of the image is incredible and way ahead of using a smartphone camera to take a picture of a picture.

Use hashtags like #throwbackthursday #childhoodmemories and #blastfromthepast when sharing the photos you digitize with PhotoScan on Instagram to gain more eyeballs.

Download PhotoScan for iOS

Download PhotoScan for Android  

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