I help Pakistani businesses meet their digital marketing goals. On this page, you’ll find offerings that are the building blocks of setting up and growing your company digitally.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Got a Facebook profile but a bland Facebook feed? Struggling to create compelling content? I’ve developed tactics to optimize your efforts in a way that delivers tangible ROI. Whether it’s about applying SEO practices or lowering social advertising costs, I and my team will help you get the job done in the right manner. The end result will be a constant stream of real leads to nurture and convert. Also, your digital profiles will become an asset that you’ll be able to capitalize on.


Digital Media Buying

While digital channels are growing fast in Pakistan, they're surprisingly underutilized by companies. In fact, most local businesses in Pakistan are clueless about digital ads including ad targeting, buying, and format options. Acknowledging this trend, I’m calling brands to pair up with my team and buy the right ads on the right channels for maximum effectiveness and reach. We’ll help you get through the A-Z of digital ads as well as assist you in gaining followers organically through ad buying best practices. 


DIgital Account Management

Got multiple social media accounts that need the regular updates, organic comments, and more? Adeel Qayum provides a digital account management service that allows you to sit back and relax while your engagement skyrockets. All you have to do is provide me and my team with the assets you want to leverage, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll post at the right times, come up with captivating things to say, use the right hashtags, and do everything needed to create a winning digital campaign. 

Digital MArketing Training For Companies

If requested, we can also arrange training sessions for your employees on the following:

Social Media-  SEO -  Email Marketing -  Copywriting - Reputation Management  

Because employees often lack digital skills, we’ll expand their knowledge to ensure they're fully capable of applying best practices during regular hours.